3 Commandments of Wealth (EXTREMELLY IMPORTANT)

The 3 commandments of wealth are something that schools and universities don’t teach their students and it is a concept that its extremely important to master and understand, if you want to have control of your life, as well as, having financial freedom.

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What are the 3 commandments of wealth are?

1.       Having more than one stream of income.

The first commandment focuses on the premise that you cannot depend on one source of income. You must have more than one stream of income. You cannot depend on just one, because if you just have one source of income it can disappear any time and ruin your life. For example, in you depend on a job salary and you get fired you will be in a huge financial trouble if you don’t have savings. The average millionaire has at least 3 streams of income and that’s why it is extremely important for you to start building, as soon as you can, multiple streams of income.

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2.       Learn how to invest your money $$$ on new trends.

The best and safest investment, is to invest your money in yourself. However, after that you must learn how to invest your money $$$ on new trends. If you want to have a big part of the pie in any industry you have to invest early. A good example of a new trend that is a gold mine and that is going to be massive in the next couple years is Online Education.

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3.       You have to make the money $$$ work for you by having the right connections.

You must relate and connect with people who can guide you on where to invest your money, what new business ventures pursue and also whether you can partner with businesses that are already successful, because launching a new business from scratch is something extremely complicated, especially if you have no enough capital or connections to begin with.

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There are also good and bad news related to this topic.

The bad news is that nobody in society is teaching you this, and why would they? People who know this stuff are usually people who have power, connections, lots of money and the less people know about this, the more money & power they can have for themselves.

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