January 19

Short, Medium and Long Term Goals 2023


These are my short, medium, and long-term goals FOR THIS YEAR 2023, LFG!

Having clear goals, an action plan to achieve them, taking massive imperfect action, having the courage to fight your fears, and going in the direction of the person you want to become is key to really achieving them.

Your actions have to be aligned with that person. You have to act as if you are already the person you want to become, your future self (upgraded).

The only way to truly fail at something is to stop trying and finally quitting. So, as long as you don’t quit and you take action in a success plan sooner or later you will get and achieve what you want.

Last year for me was an adaption/learning year. I started a new adventure as an immigrant student in Germany. This year is the materialization year.

It’s time to materialize those ideas and projects in all the key areas of my life (mainly business and fitness). so that they become a reality and I feel proud of myself when looking backward.

I’m writing this post as a guide that I can check every week so that it reminds me where I’m going and if I’m on track to achieve what I’m going to achieve in the short ( first 3 months of 2023), medium (1 year – January 2024) and long term ( 5-10 years – January 2028-2033).


That’s why this list of goals is so important.


However, the list by itself is not enough. You need specific timeframes and systems that help you move towards your goals and also create that urgency that is so vital at the moment of attaining something.

So, this are my goals for this year.

Short-term changes January 19th, 2023. 3 months.


  1. Get in warrior shape following Steve Diet program:
    • 10,000 steps per day
    • Eating a good amount of protein and less than 2000 calories per day to be in deficit.
    • Go to the gym and train hard 4 times a week. Stretch after the workout.
  1. Become a better tennis coach, find a good summer camp to coach in the summer, and get more hours of lessons + on the court with other top coaches to learn.




  1. Finish my eBook/ big blog post guide for derma patient gain before the end of January. That will be the Lead Magnet for the main course of my new business to start reaching out to people. *** (Model Mike Killen, Sean Anthony, and Justin Welsh)


  1. Put into practice my content creation and marketing skills and the things I’ve been learning to start the online presence of my project derma patient gain to start building an audience in one social media channel and more importantly my email list.


  1. Start cold emails and reach out to potential clients for your service. You are the middle man, you are there to save them time and also help them make more money by doing less.


  1. Pick a social media channel (by January 30th) apart from YouTube to post content and attract your ideal prospects. and start posting content to attract or get into the derma market. Follow and model what Patient Boost did and is continue to do.


  1. Build an email automation sequence of 5/7 emails to start with.


  1. Create a Newsletter that goes out 2x per week (to start with). Good emails with good scores.


  1. Post videos related to this process/journey on my YouTube channel.


  1. Practice writing every day following structures and modeling successful copywriters for 30 minutes a day.


  1. Learn how to use Chat GPT to your advantage to automate things and develop systems.


  1. Optimize my LinkedIn profile with a new brand, picture, and phrase.


  1. Record 2 videos a week for derma patient gain. Just as a way to express myself, practice, and improve my skills while building an audience. Videos Tuesday and Thursday have no option. That means 4 videos by the end of January and 16 videos until March in this new or modified channel.


  1. Create content systems you can replicate based on Justin Welsh.


  1. Post content but also engage with other people’s audiences to start gaining traction and views.


  1. Practice Selling & Public Speaking. See what else can you sell and start practicing. That’s what will move you forward and allow you to step up your business game. Don’t give up. Ever.




  1. Go to 2 networking events per month related to business, and entrepreneurship near Darmstadt.


  1. Engage and build relationships with people online.


  1. Interview people on my podcast. (Great way to connect and expand your network)




  1. Continue improving my German and finish the A2 level.
  • Daily practice in the streets, Duolingo, DW course, and even listen to a German podcast while walking or in the gym.


  1. Get excellent grades in all my exams this semester and continue to get closer to my master’s graduation.


  1. Copywriting Practice/video and Automation systems


  1. Public Speaking and PNL courses.


Medium-term (1 year)


  • Physically being in the best shape of my life. (Six-pack, muscular, good cardio) following the steve diet plan and sticking to it. I commit to becoming the best version of myself and this and all the other important areas of my life.
  • Have set up solid automation systems for my business, with landing pages, emails, and appointment settings. Optimize it constantly.
  • Use your introvert power of resilience, discipline, and practice to become a good storyteller, and copywriter and deal closer after dermatologists or clinics. Use the learn, do teach an approach to improve in this area.
  • Position dermapatientgain online as a solo or small business and get my first 2 sales process clients.
  • Have an income of $5000 per month.
  • Have multiple sources of income: Clients, Affiliate sales, (crypto?), and tennis.
  • Invest and learn about crypto and funds. (
  • Become one of the best copywriters in the derma email marketing niche.
  • Travel to Roland Garros, Slovenia, Balkans, Belgium, Holland, and more places in Spain and Italy to find my roots.
  • Start the process for my passport and visa US extension.
  • Meet people I can make business health projects with that share a similar vision to mine.
  • Create groups so that you can meet people in your niche and build an audience.
  • Ask if you can speak or give a little talk in the Chamber of Commerce, events or Toast Masters.
  • Buy a car. (Need to check what brand I would like VW or Toyota)
  • B1 in the German language. Being able to fully understand and have conversations with people.
  • Build my email list to at least 1000 people.
  • Build an environment / inner circle that helps and encourages you to go to the next level in the key areas of your life.


Long-term (5-10 years):

  1. Having a successful online business with a worldwide presence making 150,000 per month.
  2. As a solopreneur or small business established in the market.
  3. #1 email marketer and automation system generator for the dermatological niche.
  4. Building a nice house for me and my family.
  5. Having a family.
  6. Retire my parents and help my sisters.
  7. Keep my fitness in a peak warrior level.
  8. Visit all the continents by then.
  9. Go to the 2026 World Cup to support Ecuador.
  10. Buying a Mercedez 4×4
  11. Acquire 2 extra Real Estate assets with the $$$ I will generate from my business to diversify and add an extra source of income.
  12. Become a positive leader for action in my sector to be able to inspire people to have a positive change and make an impact on their lives.
  13. Have an email list database of 100,000 people.


Those are my goals for the short, medium, and long term for this year 2023. I like to do this type of post at the beginning of the year as a reminder to myself, but also to encourage my subconscious to have a clear destination and direction of where to go. I will also print this list and put it up in my room so that I see it every morning and do not forget why I’m doing what I’m doing. I highly recommend you to do the same.

As I told you before in this post, goals are great and a must-have if you want to have clear what you want, however after finishing your list of goals you need to prepare a plan and develop systems that actually allow you to achieve those goals.

In this post, I talk more in detail about systems and what systems I will implement from 2023 onwards to achieve success in the key areas of my life, mainly business and fitness.

Commit, move and take action.



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