September 26

3 Step Formula on How to Get Clients on LinkedIn


There are a couple ways you can use LinkedIn to get new clients. In this post I will refer to 3 tactics I consider very powerful & effective at the moment of building meaningful relationship, as well as, being able to get new prospects and clients to your business.

First, you have to post content that is valuable to your target audience and also to your connections and by valuable I mean TRULY VALUABLE. You can post your own videos, blogs, tips, etc. related to something you believe could help your network. You can also make a comment where you tell your opinion about something that heppened and that caught your attention. Then finish the post by asking a question with the goal of generating engagement!

Second, COMENT & ENGAGE with other people’s LinkedIn content. When people post on LinkedIn or any other social media platform, they want engagement, they CRAVE it. What you have to do, is give it to them, over and over again. Analyze their content and give them your feedback. Eventually, they will either check your profile out or engage with your content themselves. Then you have them.

Third, after doing the two previous steps for a couple days or weeks you can cold message the people you are interested in having a connection or making business in the future with. Before contacting them make sure to do a good research about them, what they do and their business and see if you can help them with your services. You can also cold message people who already know you and who you think what you do could bring value to their business.

But remember DON’T be this guy “Hey my name is Martín I do BLAH BLAH and could help you with BLAH BLAH. Would you like to jump on a call and discuss BLAH BLAH”… Don’t be the guy, who annoys people with those type of messages please. Be the guy who offers VALUE and builds a relationship.

Look almost 90% of these conversations will go nowhere, but with one successful one you will achieve your goal of having a new client!

Let me know what do you guys think about this strategy and also what are other ways you guys know on how to find new clients online!

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