Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 (2020 Review)

Welcome to my Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 review!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on doing your research before buying any type of course online, that’s the best way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to learn, improve your current skills and also make money online!

Having said that, I’m here to tell you why this social media marketing training program is worth a few minutes of your time to look into, especially if you are someone who is passionate about starting your own online business but don’t know where to start.

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So, what the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0?

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 is a 4-month program created by the serial online entrepreneur Tai Lopez.

This program is an in-depth guide that teaches you from A to Z how to get small businesses to pay you between $1,000-$10,000+ a month for managing and running their social media campaigns for them.

Apart from Tai himself, inside the course, you are also going to find other social media and e-commerce experts such as Joe Soto, Alex Mehr or Dan Fleyshman just to name a few – who will teach complex how to get clients, prospects, sales, SEO, content creation, Facebook Ads, e-commerce, web design, etc.

The goal of this program is to teach you the KEY things you need to know and do at the moment of starting your online agency.

Who is Tai Lopez, the man behind the SMMA program?

Tai Lopez is a man who needs no introduction. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, and author. He also serves as an advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

You have probably seen him all over the internet with his Ads all on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

I’ve personally taken several of his courses including this one and I can testify that he really knows his stuff and he’s definitely worth listening to in the online industry. Tai also owns the largest book shipping club in the world, Mentor Box, and was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2017.

How much does Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 cost?

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program has a price tag of $997, which can be a little high if you don’t have the budget. However, depending on specific dates you might find a discounted price or promotion on the program. Check SMMA’s current price here.

Tai is one of the top social media experts in the world and his course shows you the step by step process on how to start your digital agency, master social media, get clients and build your own team, in other words, succeed from the get-go. Plus, you can easily recover your investment with your first client!

What I’m going to find inside Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0?

Inside the course, you will find over 100 in-depth videos worksheets and PDFs that will help you out throughout the entire process, plus a strong Facebook Group community that will help and motivate you along the way.

The course is divided into 5 phases covering everything from setting up your business to getting your first clients:

Phase 1: Business Set-up

Phase 1 is a welcome and overview of the program, which describes how you follow the course to don’t get lost, follow the step by step guide and don’t overwhelm with it.

It is very important that you are always taking notes either in a notebook or on your computer so that you can review and apply everything later. It is key that you start putting into action the things that you will be learning throughout the course and the best way of doing this is by practice on yourself.

This module will teach you how to form your company, create a website for your business, and also create social media business pages so that you can start creating and sharing your content on the web.

This is the lessons I consider the most important ones inside Phase 1:

  1. Course overview
  2. The Business Model
  3. Naming your Company
  4. Picking your Domain name
  5. Brand & Storytelling
  6. Finding your niche
  7. How to Set Up your Pricing
  8. How to build your website

Phase 2: Mastering Social Media Marketing 

In Phase 2, you will learn about several different tools, tips, hack, and techniques that will allow you to learn, understand better how social media works and ultimately implement and able to get results for your future clients, which is what they will be paying you for at the end. RESULTS.

Inside this module, as in phase 1, you will learn from different experts in this field and you will also be provided with templates, checklists, and guides that are proven to work and that are also updated consistently to make sure the information is relevant now that everything changes so fast.

In my opinion, this is the lessons I consider the most important inside phase 2:

  1. VRIN Scores
  2. Instagram Growth Hacking with Nathan Chan
  3. Advanced YouTube Marketing Techniques
  4. Website Optimization
  5. The 4 stages of Email Marketing
  6. How to make videos go viral on Facebook & Get views for less than a penny each
  7. The use of Facebook Pixels
  8. Breaking down Google Adwords step by step.
  9. The power of SEO
  10. Facebook Ads and Retargeting.

Phase 3: Acquiring Clients

Inside phase 3 you will learn all the best practices and strategies you need to go out there and start getting clients. You will be given in-depth videos and sales scripts used by social media masters like Joe Soto, Billy Gene, Jaden Gross, Chriss Record, and Tai Lopez himself with proven strategies you can apply right away.

You can find businesses in your local area or in any other part of the world. It is a matter of reaching out to them via social media, email, or phone getting appointments, and then explaining how you can help increase the sales of their business by applying what you learned inside the program.

This is the most crucial phase of the program. Once you mastered social media, it will be easy to talk about the specific channels, strategies, and campaigns you can create how to optimize your prospects’ current online presence and more importantly increase their sales.

These are in my opinion the top lessons inside Phase 3:

  1. How to capture clients in your own Backyard with Joe Soto
  2. Finding your clients specialty with Jaden Gross
  3. Understanding Objectives Vs Complaints
  4. Qualifying business owners
  5. Embrace failure
  6. Persuading clients to sign up.
  7. How to present your services and get instant buy-ins.
  8. How to get qualified prospects and go to the source of the money.
  9. The art of negotiation
  10. The Key to retaining clients by Billy Gene.

Phase 4: Automating, Servicing & Building Your Team

The 4th phase focuses on showing how you can scale and grow your business once you start getting clients. You will be shown how to build and manage a team, how to ensure that your team gives good customer service to your clients, ensure quality in all your process, and set up your business into automation mode.

After completing these 5 phases and passing the certification test you will receive the Official Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Certification. Which is something more symbolic and that might not be necessary at the moment of building your agency. However, it is a nice thing to have as a recognition for all the effort you put into the program and that can help at the moment of introducing yourself and your services.

These are in my favorite lessons inside Phase 4:

  1. Outsourcing
  2. 6 Steps of the Sales Process
  3. Know when to Start Building your Team with Jennifer Bacca
  4. Setting Up your Hiring Process with Jennifer Bacca
  5. Managing Multiple Clients
  6. Fundamentals of Client Retention
  7. Going from Zero to One Million in Revenue
  8. Live Calls

BONUS SECTION: Facebook Advertising + Live Calls

This is a completely new section that is only available in this new edition of the SMMA, whereas a bonus you will receive a complete section focus on learning how to create successful Facebook Ad Campaigns for your clients.

This bonus phase includes the lessons:

  1. How and when to use cold-warm-hot audiences with Nicholas Kirchner
  2. How to build a campaign from scratch to get audiences to know about you.
  3. How to convert the new audience into a warm audience.
  4. How to retarget to generate 20-90x on Ad spend for clients
  5. How to instantly get 5k likes for pages without running ads or international audiences.
  6. How to scale using lookalike audiences

Is Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 the right course for me? 

In terms of what are you going to get inside the course delivers on all fronts, the content it’s on point to what you need to know.

Plus, the fact of learning from top people in the industry who have made millions of dollars using social media is priceless, because you will find meticulously detailed information that is very hard to find anywhere else. I’m confident to say that if you take this program seriously and start applying what he teaches you can have a successful social media marketing agency as well.

Is Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 Worth the Investment?

There are many people who ask if Tai and his team are legit. If you are into social media, then you will know that Tai is very active on the web, he runs his own very successful social media advertising and branding content.

However, if you jump into the course and expect to be successful without putting in the effort, you will be very displeased. In my opinion, this course is totally worth the money you will spend on it.  Think of it this way, its like having a top marketing degree without spending 4 years at school and paying thousands and thousands of dollars. There are hundreds of testimonials from people who have been enrolled in the program and have been able to land high paying clients and now have thriving social media businesses.

Pros and Cons of Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency 3.0 Program


  1. Well-structured with a step by step process on how to successfully start a digital marketing agency from scratch.
  2. Inside the course, you will find several experts (including Tai himself) that have different specialties to help teach certain subjects.
  3. Easy to understand and follow with tons of valuable information. Great for beginners and experienced marketers.
  4. Content is constantly updated to stay up to date in our ever-changing world.
  5. Very Active Facebook Group where you can get help from others who have been inside the program, build relationships that can transform into partnerships or really good friendships.
  6. Real Success Stories. You can find some testimonials here.


  1. In some sections, you can feel overwhelmed by all the information you will get.
  2. If you don’t like to learn by watching videos this course might not be for you.
  3. It is an action-based course, so if you are not used to implementing the things you learn you might have some trouble applying something things.


To conclude, I just want to say that if you take this program seriously and start applying everything that it’s in it, you can change your current financial situation. All the information here is pretty relevant for any type of business nowadays, from clinics to restaurants you name it. And It only takes one or two clients to get things going for you.

Personally, after I took this course I started my own digital agency focused on content creation, web design & sales funnels and in the last 2 years, I’ve been able to work a couple of small and medium sizes business including companies in the US and abroad, as their social media expert with great results. You can literally become an asset to almost any business nowadays with this information. I highly recommend this course.  

Also, check out my video review of the Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 where I go more in-depth about its program.

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