How important is that you include CALLS TO ACTION in your articles and social media posts?

Every time you are writing an article or post for your website or when you are writing a caption for one of your social media channels, always remember one simple rule: every post needs to have a call to action (CTA). EVERY SINGLE POST!

What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

So, you might be wondering what are calls to action(CTAs)? or how do they look? Well here is a clear example:


A Call to Action is a button that has the intention of making the person who is seeing our advertisement to make some sort of action. Its purpose can vary from getting the person’s email or telephone number to actually making that person buy a product or service at our website.

There are tons of CTA you can use on your website and social media platforms. A few terrible examples could be “buy it”, “get it”, “call us”, “shut up and give me your money”. Yes, those are also CTAs. However, they are too basic and don’t care about the customer, which in the end is not going to bring your business any type of good results.


How can I make my CTA more effective?

In order to make your CTAs effective, there must be something of value for your prospect, something that is attractive in your promotion (like for example a free ebook, webinar, pdf of something your prospect wants or free or giving away a discount coupon) this types of promotions incentivize the person who is in your landing page or website to take action and either sign up to your email list or buy.

CTAs that are truly effective, are more focused on boosting your post’s engagement, which eventually will lead to more leads and sales.

This is a great example of how a proper CTAs in an e-commerce store looks like.

Gabriel Beltran course 1.PNG

Let’s work on some examples of social media posts so you can have a better idea.

If you want people to engage with your posts and promotions (and eventually to give you their money), you need to tell them HOW to engage. The concept is simple: people won’t do things unless you tell them to. So you must TELL them.

When you are advertising on Facebook or Instagram you could use posts such as the following:

If you are trying to get likes you can use this type of CTAs:

“Like this post IF”, “Double-tap IF…” statements are one of the most effective and can be fitted to anything.

Example: Like this post, if you think you can finish this burger in under 10 minutes and tag a friend who might be able to do it.

On the other hand, if you are trying to get comments you can use this type of CTAs:

Yes, or No, True or False, Agree or Disagree, etc.

Open-ended questions: Would you like to have this piece of furniture at your house? Comment why down below and the most creative response will enter into a draw to win it.

Comments are harder to get than likes, but they are more important for building the connection between you and your followers. For this, you can type questions that make your audience think and really become part of the conversation.


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In this link, you will find 31 examples of effective call-to-actions you could imitate and use for your business website.

In conclusion, you must include CTAs in all your posts, blogs and promotions in order for people to take action, if you don’t tell them to take action, who will? However, you must have in mind that you cannot ask them to buy or to take any type of action without giving something of value first.

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