How to maximize your productivity! (3 Simple Things You Can do TODAY)

In order to get THINGS DONE! You got to plan your day for success in advance.

As an entrepreneur YOU PAY YOURSELF. That’s why you need to be as productive as possible. You cannot afford to waste time.

I’m going to share with you 3 things you can do to increase your productivity here, today!

  1. Schedule your day in advance.

YOU MUST SCHEDULE YOUR DAY IN ADVANCE. This is something that has to become a habit if you want to become more productive and achieve your goals.

Give yourself 30 minutes EACH DAY at the end of your workday to plan your next day. In the beginning, you will not feel like doing it. However, YOU MUST FORCE YOURSELF TO DO IT! For at least 30 or 60 days in order to make this a habit and really start seeing some changes in your life.

You can either do it in a computer on a word document or write it by hand on your agenda, but this is something you must do.

When planning your day always remember. What is the ONE THING that I could do tomorrow that would make everything else easier or unnecessary? What’s the one thing that if I do it, I can go to sleep feeling productive, feeling that I’m moving towards my goals.

Always write down the ONE THING and make it your number one priority of the day. After you write your ONE THING you can start planning your day, write down everything your breaks, lunch, evening, times. Get used to planning your life to get more done!

Think of it this way, if you get this one thing done, it means you’ve had a successful day! And remember you should try to do this one thing before you start doing anything else. Only once you have finished it, you can start doing your other tasks.

Example of how your schedule could be:

4:30 am – wake up + shower

5:00 am -6:20 am  – ONE THING/recording video

6:30 am – 7:00am breakfast

7:00-8:00 commuting to work ( read and meditate)

8:00 am – 17:00pm work

17:00 pm – 18:30 pm commuting home (continue writing content and grabbing ideas)

18:30 pm – 19:45 pm Gym

20:00 pm – 20:30 eat dinner

21:00 pm -22:30 pm work on sharing content, record videos and create visual content.

When you start your workday.


Give yourself the time necessary to get the one thing done first!

If you work and are doing your venture as a side hustle do the one thing first time in the morning, before going to work!

  1. Know how much your time is worth!

What you ideally want to be making the following year. How to calculate how much your time is worth?

This is the formula:

Insert the total amount of money you want to make per year, then divide by the total number of days you work and final divide that number by the number of hours of productive work you. x amount of money/ number of days your work/number of hours of work per day.

For example:

Ideal income a $100,000/220 days (of work ideally)= $455 a day

Divide your daily rate and divide it by the hour.

$455/8 or the “real productive time” $57 dividing it by 8 hours. However, you should measure it as hours of really PRODUCTIVE WORK.

$455/3= $152 an hour (Don’t do anything else that is not making you $152 an hour) If there is something you have to do, but is not making you what your time is worth, you should DELEGATE or OUTSOURCE IT.

By knowing how much your hour is worth it, you are not going to WASTE TIME.

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  1. Get a timer (cheap timer) and whenever you are working SET A TIMER.

The formula is pretty simple; however, it is not easy to follow.

This is the 60/60/30 formula.

This means doing 60 minutes of focused work, then take a 5-minute break, then go back and do 60 minutes of focus 60 work and then take 30 minutes OFF (relaxing do other things for 30 minutes). After this first session go back to the beginning and start with the 60 minutes of focused work again!

Follow this 3 step formula and I’m assured it will help you become more productive and achieve all the goals you have! I will start to implement this formula on my daily basis for the next 60 days and I will share with all of you my results after the first month and then after the second month.

All the best to all of you!

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