How to Build a Successful E-commerce Business in 2020


There’s zero chance you’ll be able to build a sustainable long-term business by dropshipping alone.

Yes there’s higher profit margins with dropshipping but…

People don’t want to wait a month to get something they bought online. People want things NOW.

How to Build a Successful E-commerce Business in 2020

So with the higher profit margin here’s what you’re also getting…

People complaining about your long delivery times…

People leaving you negative reviews…

And people demanding refunds.

So how do you build a successful, long-term e-commerce business?


Most courses out there teach you how to find trending product after trending product.

But this is the quickest way to build a failing business. When you have a real business, you get repeat customers.

By always replacing products, you’ll pretty much guarantee yourself zero repeat business.

AND with a brand, you can charge higher prices.

It’s the reason why Starbucks can sell you a smaller sized coffee and charge you $5 for it.

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