What’s the Definition of Money?

You want to make more money right? All of us do.

And in order to get it, the first thing you got to understand is what is the definition of money and also how did you got to where you are. Diagnose yourself and answer why I’m not making enough money or all the money I think I deserve right now?

Most people where never taught the definition of money in school and many people go
all their life without knowing this key principle. When you play any sport, it
could be soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. In order to be able to win what is
the first thing you have to know? The first thing you have to know in order to
win are the rules of the game right? Because, if you don’t know the rules you
will be playing the the wrong game and you will certainly loose.

The same thing happens with money. In order to make more money you have to
understand its definition.

So what is the definition of money? Money is an SCARCE IN-DEMAND RESOURCE

And let me analyze one by one this 3 extremely important words.

1. Scarce: Few people know how to do it. That’s why soccer stars like Neymar or Messi make way more money than school teachers.

2. In-demand: Many people want it. Following the example of the soccer stars, many people want to watch them play, every single week.

3. Resource: Generate ongoing money. A TV company, when a soccer game is recorded, they can replay that game for years and make money from it.

I know that not all of us can be soccer stars, celebrities or you didn’t go to med school and become a doctor (there are not enough doctors in the world) but there are many other skills you can master that not many people have, a lot of
people need and can generate on going money for the years to come.

Now let me ask you. Do you possess an scarce in-demand resource? If yes, you should explode that skill, advertise and make tons of money with it.

However, If the answer is no and you want to change your life for the better by improving your financial situation, you MUST acquire a scarce in-demand resource as soon as possible.

The internet and the digital era have change the game. Nowadays you can learn almost anything with one click and even start your own business online.

Learning how to advertise online for other businesses, creating online stores to sell your own products and even partnering up with businesses that are already successful is now possible thanks to the internet. It is up to you, to learn these skills and use all this tools to your advantage.

What is your SCARCE IN-DEMAND RESOURCE? Or what is the one you would like to have in the future?

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