How to drive High QUALITY Traffic to your website for FREE ( 7 ways)

In order to make money online, you need to drive traffic to your website. Without traffic you don’t have an online business, that’s why driving traffic to your website is so important.


Your number one priority as an affiliate marketer or if you have any type of online business is to send traffic to an offer! Without traffic, you don’t have an online business!

And there are 2 ways of driving traffic to your website. You can either pay for traffic with ads or you can use free tactics to drive traffic to your website. All this depends on your budget and your level of knowledge. Have in mind that free traffic requires a lot of work and patience, however, in the long term it’s more fun (if you like to create content and provide value to others) and it is also high converting!

Today I want to share with you 7 ways you can use to drive high-quality traffic for FREE to your website that can help you convert leads and grow your online business tremendously!

1. SEO

There are several SEO tactics you can perform on each of your website pages to increase their rank in search engines and get more visitors.

This includes things like producing high-quality content in an organized matter where your audience is able to find what they are searching for quickly and also writing concise meta descriptions with your keywords for all your pages and blogs.

The meta description is what appears below your URL in search results. Knowing what a page is about and what will result in a click makes users much more likely to do so. On-page SEO tactics such as these are free but do take some time. For more help with on-page SEO, check out this blog post: Google Ranking Factors: On-Page vs Off-Page SEO.

2. Comments on blogs and forums

There are thousands of blogs and forums written every day on every topic you can imagine. When trying to promote your content online, one of the best ways to actually drive quality traffic to your website is to go to blogs and forums related to your specific industry and if possible leaving a comment in them. There will be blogs that do not allow comment and there will also be others that allow you to do so, your job here is to find them and comment in them.

There are 3 main things you have to take into account when commenting in blogs:

  1. Go for blogs that are very recent ( up to a week) and comment on them. Usually, blogs that have just a few days are being pushed by their creators so they will get more eyes on them. You can also look and comment on blogs or websites that have a lot of traffic and use that to leverage your website and your brand.
  2. DO NOT JUST SPAM or put any silly comment. Try to provide value and contribute to the blog post.
  3. Always add a link to a blog website of yours that is complementary to the comment you are making.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing platform to drive traffic to your web! Pinterest is a very powerful search engine that has been forgotten by many people who don’t realize the true potential this social media platform has.

What happens is that when you make a good post on Pinterest, it’s the traffic can build up over time and the more you post, the more chances you have to reach more people. In comparison with other social media platforms, its organic visibility does not go away in 1 or 2 days like Facebook or Instagram. On Pinterest, its organically visibility can last several days and weeks.

All your pins must have a link to your website, if one of them becomes viral you have tremendous opportunities of getting lots of traffic from people who are interested in what you have to say.

4. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a massive source of engagement! They are way better than any Facebook page – you see, in Facebook groups, you will find people who are really interested in a specific topic and that are looking to engage with other members of those groups.

Something that you must do in order for this tactic work for you is to be disciplined and start engaging in these groups, provide value, make comments, answer other people’s questions and finally every once in a while share one of your links or promos in a subtle way.

5. is a free website where people ask questions. You can find answers on almost any topic you can think of. And since has a lot of traffic, your goal here is to look for questions related to your area of expertise or the product you are promoting and then answer those questions by providing real value and trying to give a solution to the person who made that question!

Remember, if you want to drive traffic it is key that you include your links. And there are 2 ways you can do that in Quora. You can either post your link as part of your response or you can put an anchor text!

I personally recommend you to put it as an anchor text, just put the naked URL in a whole sentence for example. There is one here Shopify 60 day trial – ready to start an aliexpress dropshipping store? This looks natural, Google is not STUPID!

It is slow traffic, but it adds up in the long run.

6. Youtube

Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind Google and similar to Pinterest, YouTube traffic can build up over time. The key here is to post good content consistently, focus on trends and also on how-to videos related to your niche, reviews, etc. This can help you boost your channel and reach more people.

ALWAYS when producing any type of content, but even more when making videos remember that you must create valuable content that can help tons of people. Always think about helping others.

After creating your video don’t forget to share it on all your social media channels, email, and with your friends so that it can reach more people. One viral video can change your life!

7. Other social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram)

When looking to get traffic to your website it is very important that you share your content in as many channels (that are related to what you are doing) as you can.

LinkedIn and Instagram are 2 social media channels, apart from the ones I have mentioned before that I consider that you can build and create interesting traffic over time. I highly recommend you to use both Instagram and LinkedIn to share your content, drop valuable tips and information that might be able to help the people who follow you.

Bonus! Email (Once you have an email list)

The main goal of driving traffic to your website using the seven methods I mentioned above is for you to be able to collect emails. In order to do this, you must give something of value to the people who visit your website first. For example, things like a free eBook, a webinar, a pdf guide, etc.

Once you have an email list you can send emails for FREE to all your subscribers where you can write about special offers of the products you sell and also share valuable tips and information with them consistently.

You must build an email list if you want to succeed in any online business.

Free traffic requires PATIENCE. In order to succeed using this model you must think long term and also be willing to create quality content in a consistent basis, but creating content is just half of the equation, after every piece of content you create, you must share it in as many channels as you can, in order to reach more people and also have more chances of succeeding!

Remember that Consistency, patience, and hard work always pays off!


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