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INFLUENCERS: How important are they at the moment of launching new marketing campaigns?


Times have changed and many customers do not just buy by impulse after seeing good propaganda or commercial. Nowadays customers really think before buying something, they do a serious analysis before making any purchase decision.

After watching a commercial people go to their computers or cellphones and do research about that product. Customers do this by navigating throughout the web, watching videos, and more importantly by seeing what other customers, experts, or important figures who have a trusted voice, share values and credibility have to say about that product.

How to pick a High-Quality Influencer for your brand? 

First of all, in order to be successful, the manager has to pick a good name for his brand campaign, a name that has resonance and that helps the company reach more customers due to the message it sends.

Lots of people can see your ad and not buy anything, which is not bad because with that ad you least created brand awareness which is good but is not the ultimate goal. The goal of a campaign is to reach the greatest number of potential prospects.

However, the main goal of a campaign is that a good percentage of those people actually take any type of action or actually make a purchase. Here is when, having influencers talking good about your BRAND or using it has become so important in the decision, customers face at the moment of buying or not something.

Where can I find good Influencers for my brand?

Second, as a manager, you have to find a way of getting in touch with the influencers and connecting with them in a good way, so that that your product and content matches with their ideas and preferences. The easiest way of doing this is by finding influencers that you might know or that you think might be interested in your brand, product, or service is through social media.

Depending on the type of product you sell or your brand it might be better to contact them via Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Do your research about them before talking about your project.

Consistency between your brand and the influencer

Third, in order for a campaign or a brand to be successful, there has to be consistency in the message you send through all your internet and social media platforms in order to accurately measure and evaluate the performance of influencer marketing strategies.

Campaigns should be used, as a strategic way to develop further relations with influencers. Brands know how important is it to have a good relationship with them, making them advocates of that brand, which means that they use that brand on a regular basis, in everyday life, not just on a specific commercial or ad.

Nowadays, the vast majority of conversations surrounding a brand, product, or service happens on social media platforms. That’s why the impact influencers have is huge in customers and is ultimately what is going to determine the success of a campaign.

How often they talk about the brand or product, post, and share content on social media and how they interact with the customers is extremely important for the marketing strategy because customers trust in them.

In conclusion, the worth of mouth has always been a powerful tool at the moment of selling anything. This is because in general people trust each other more than a salesperson and they rather talk to someone they know and trust (For example friend or influencer) who has had first-hand good experience with that product, rather than listening to a vendor.

That’s why influencers will play a huge role in the future of many brands.



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