September 20

Sell FUTURES, not features


By Martin Moncayo from The Ecommerce Underdog

Who is this post for?

If you’re an online entrepreneur selling your own services online or an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products and you want to connect in a better way with your audience and be able to increase your conversion rates, what you are about to read is going to help you a lot.

I’ll assume that you already have a sales and delivery process, either for your own service or as an affiliate.

Sales Golden Nugget (Especially for High-ticket items)

In this blog, I want to share with you a golden nugget that I learned from one of the top funnel builders in the world that will help you a lot at the moment of selling.

Keep this always in mind…

No matter what you sell…

You are NEVER selling a product or service

You are selling the impact your product or service will have on your buyer’s life.

You are selling change. You are selling improvement. You are selling a BETTER FUTURE.

better future ahead after your purchase

This is some life-changing stuff right here.

What most people focus on, is the problem their product or service can solve for their customers. (I used to focus on that as well, until I learned what I’m going to share with you right now)

That is a starting point.

However, after defining and having clear what the problem of your potential customer is…

All your following actions should be focused on demonstrating to them (Eg: creating content, sending emails, scheduling appointments) how your product or service can solve a problem for them and actually change their lives.

You are not selling a product.

You are selling a TRANSFORMATION

A transformation from being a prisoner of your 9-5 to experience financial freedom.

Experience what is like to don’t depend on a job, to not have a terrible boss, to be able to travel more, to spend more quality time with the people you love, to make more money working less.

==>Watch this video till the end and learn how you can start transforming your life by partnering, learning, and selling other people’s proven products.

Change your lifestyle from:

“I have to wake up at 6:00 am to go to a job I hate and not have time to spend with my friends and family.”


“I can wake up when I want, work for as long as I want, and actually spend quality time with the people I love.”

I’m selling my ideal customers a better life.

I’m showing them how they can earn an extra $500, $1K, or $2K per month by partnering and leveraging someone else’s business or selling their own services.

I’m teaching them how to do that by creating content, connecting with people, using funnels, and (as you guess) offering them a solution to their problems.

I invite you to start thinking more about the better futures you can bring to your customers and good things will start coming your way.


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