December 14

Why it is so hard to be consistent with one activity that you know it’s important to achieve your future goals?


Why it is so hard to be consistent with one activity that you know you have to do and it’s important to achieve your future goals but you keep postponing it?

Has this ever happened to you?

Well in my case it has happened. A lot of times.

Currently, I’m battling against my willingness to improve my copywriting skills (sales in print).

I really what to improve this skill and become one of the top copywriters for the health and wellness niche.

I have taken courses about it. I’ve read books on the subject. I know what I have to do.

However, time and time again the lack of consistency and discipline, has not allowed me to move in that direction.

I keep postponing things and avoiding my fears.

Is it the fact that it is too much work? Have I run out of ideas? Is it a mental block?

I’m really don’t know what is the reason why.

What I do know is that the only way I will be able to conquer these fears and improve this skill is by getting out of my comfort zone, committing to a plan, practicing daily, and developing a habit of them.

That’s why I want to make a promise to myself and start a 30-DAY CHALLENGE today December 14th, 2021 that I will write at least 200 words per day on different topics but mainly focused on addressing the pains, bringing value, and educating my ideal customers.

I will do a mix of blog posts, Twitter posts, emails, and ideas for bigger projects (lead magnets, funnels, ebooks).

My goal is to do research on the topics and niche I want to focus on to start 2022 in the best possible way and to practice the different copywriting formulas, mainly AIDA.

In the upcoming weeks, I will have a 10,000-word blog post detailing my digital sales process for businesses aged 5 years or more who help their customers lead a healthier life by transforming email subscribers into long-term happy customers.

Stay tuned if you want to learn about it.

I know what I have to do. Now it’s time to take action.

Keep moving, keep grinding and keep making things happen!


“The Ecommerce Underdog”


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