January 17

How to make your headlines stand out! (5 powerful copywriting insights)


Attention online is really important nowadays.

You see…

No matter what type of content you create for your business.

If no one stops scrolling down their feed, opens your emails, or clicks to watch your videos… no one is going to buy from you online.

Just to give you some stats.

Approximately 80% of people only read headlines.

That’s why if you want to get tens or hundreds of eyes into your content you have to practice and master the art of writing headlines that help you grab attention.

And in this email, I will share with you 5 very powerful techniques you can start implementing today that will help you gather the attention of your ideal customers.

1. Use of Urgency

Urgency means that the reader needs to take action right away or they will miss out on something worthwhile to them.

Here are some examples:

  • “Never revealed before: My 7 step sales process framework to get your first patient online (Only for people who are subscribed to my email list) If you want to get the framework make sure to subscribe.
  • “5 insanely powerful tools you are not using that will help you create better content for your medical practice. (#4 is my favorite)”
  • “How to create a highly targeted niche for your healthcare practice and differentiate yourself from 99% of your competition.

2. Make it ultra-specific

For this, you have to clearly know or define who your ideal customer is and also what is the solution you have for them.


  • “How to do SEO “the right way” for your medical practice in 2022.
  • “How to start building an audience online from scratch for your medical practice by following these 5 steps”

3. Cite specific numbers

This one goes hand in hand with being super-specific. Plus, numbers make headlines way more interesting for the readers, don’t they?

Just to give you a quick comparison of what I’m talking about.

  • “How I make a living with email marketing” VS “How I make $1250 extra a month with email marketing”. Which one sounds better and do you think has more chances of catching the attention of a potential customer?

Another example:

  • “How email marketing helped my clients grow their practice by 27% in 10 months.”

4. Define the audience

Who are you talking to? Who is this piece of content for? Those are 2 very powerful questions that will help you write very targeted content.

And how you can use this to your advantage?

By simply speaking directly to them in the headline.

8/10 times if they feel identified or part of that audience people will want to know more and they will click.


  • “4 step strategy used by Tai Lopez that you can model to scale the marketing campaigns of your medical practice.”
  • “Secret email marketing strategy the best dermatologist in Brazil used to double her medical practice in just 6 months.”

5. Add emotional words

People buy emotions. And you can attune to get people’s attention by leveraging emotionally charged words.

  • Words such as: “lonely,” “poverty,” “neglect,” “bless,” “reward,” “elegant” “anger,” “happy,” “sadness“ can transmit very powerful emotions and when used correctly can help you get the attention of your ideal customer.

Those are the 5 powerful techniques you can start applying today in your content to gather the attention of your ideal customer and therefore get more clicks, views and of course leads and sales.

PS. I will start uploading videos more often with the new direction that I want to give to my channel and business. If you are interested in learning more about it make sure to subscribe to my channel here.


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