3 KEYS TO CLOSING DEALS – Tai Lopez 5 minute Mentor Review

Remember, you will always be selling and if you want to be truly successful in life financially you need to learn how to sell.

Tai Lopez clearly states that the number one skill to create wealth in the world is SALES. Therefore, I highly recommend to learn sales and becoming a selling machine either by learning how to close sales in person or on the phone or by learning copywriting AKA closing on paper.

Best way to learn sales?

There are many different ways of learning how to sell. Tai recommends you to go and look for a job in commissions. Sell cars, houses, door to door, over the telephone, etc. I highly recommend you to focus, develop and practice becoming a selling machine for a couple of months either by learning how to close sales in person or by learning copywriting AKA closing on paper.

Selling is something you can improve every single day, with a lot of practice and preparation.

Selling stages

The art of selling has, in my opinion, has 4 stages.

  • First, you have to get leads.
  • Second, you have to initiate contact with those warm leads and give something of value to them.
  • Schedule an appointment either in person or on the phone.
  • Finally, while in the appointment you have to close the deal.

And yes, as you may have guessed the most important of these 3 stages is CLOSING.

Below I’m going to share with you the 3 keys to closing sales Tai Lopez teaches inside the 5-minute money mentor program that I hope, help you the next time you try to sell something.

  1. People are risk-averse. People hate to take risks. A quick way to overcome this is by not trying to close too fast. First, you have to build a relationship with people, in this case, your potential customer.
  2. 12 Times rule. Before anyone is willing to buy from you, they have to see you on average of 5 to 12 times. Once they are familiarized with you and trust you more they will probably buy from you. That’s why retargeting is so important.
  3. No fear. You have to lose the fear of rejection. At some point, you have to be direct and ask for the business. Push, it’s time to make the deal! It doesn’t matter if you fail 100 times if you make 1 sale that will be a success!

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