Canva is by far the best tool in my opinion, for anybody who wants to create high quality social media images but doesn’t know literally anything about graphic design or how to use photoshop, illustrator or any other design program.


Why should you use Canva to create awesome images and grow your social media presence!?

This are my top 4 reasons why:

1. You can use Canva for FREE!

I highly recommend you to sign up & create an account if you havent done it yet.

2. It is really simple to use.

It is a design platform for non-designers. I know a little bit of Photoshop but I’m not a master at it. However, I have become a very good Canva designer and I can say that if you are good at making social images in Canva, you will seem as if you study graphic design.

3. Dimensions:

With all the different platforms out there, it is very difficult and overwhelming to know which dimensions you have to use for a certain image depending on what platform you want to post. With Canva thats not a problem because it has all the different dimensions for every platform you can imagine, so that when you finish creating an image you don’t say UPS this is not the right size or dimension for this post. Normally if I made a mistake with the dimensions of a design I will have to re-do the entire image again. And believe thats something that happened to me a lot before start using Canva.

4. Collaboration:

You have the option of creating a Canva team where you can share your designs with the members of your team and help each other find out which images will look better in a certain post or occasion. You are able to have up to 350 team members for free.


If you don’t know how to design and want to create good digital content for your business I highly recommend you to start using Canva.

There are several Canva tutorials online that will give you ideas and will help you initiate in the design world ,as well as, start creating awesome images for all your social media platforms!

If you have questions about how to use Canva or anything related to digital marketing, don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

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