COLD EMAILS. 8 tips you can use to get warm leads TODAY!

Cold emailing is one of the most powerful marketing tactics to get warm leads. It is a great way to connect and engage for the first time with your future prospects or clients.

It is also something every business has to master when looking to expand and acquire new customers or partners online.

However, in order for cold emailing to work and help you grow your business you have to do it well. You don’t want to be seen as a spammer. That’s why I’ve created this list with 8 tips that will help you improve your cold email opening and response rate.

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8 Tips that will help you improve your email marketing opening and response rate!

1. Go straight to the point. Try to send emails that are no longer than 25 to 30 words. Or keep it to three sentences max.
2. And the end of every email always includes something along with these lines: “When do you have time for a call this week? DO NOT ask “Are you interested?” Assume they are interested in your service.
3. Niche down as much as possible. If you are targeting dermatologists, don’t just email every dermatologist. Find a specific niche service that dermatologists or any other profession you want to serve offers. For example, a dermatologist is going to respond better to “I can get you hair transplant clients” better than “I can get you, new clients”
4. Cold email at least 5 times a day (24/7). Remember business owners check their email 24/7.
5. Don’t use calendar links. 60% of the business owners who actually reply will say call anytime and the other 40% will have a specific day/time they want to be called
6. It is a good strategy to keep your recipient intrigued, I don’t actually say what I am selling in the first email. It all comes down to getting them, new clients. Whether I am pitching Facebook ads, Web Design or SEO. I save the details of what I can do for them for the call or the in-person meeting.
7. The best subject lines are the ones that cause surprise or that are really simple and straight forward. Loke for example: “Question”, “Do not open this email” or ” “The powerful transformation your business needs!”
8. Always include something of value for the client in your email. It could be a Free audit of their website / social media, an ebook, a video or something special you made just for them like for example a logo animation of their business.

It is always better if that person is expecting your email because of some inbound marketing strategy you did beforehand. However, if that’s not the case don’t worry.

Remember, cold emailing is the first step in the sales process and as in everything in life this is a numbers game. The main goal of your cold emails is to start a conversation, then schedule a call or a meeting and finally try to build a relationship that hopefully turns into a business that benefits both parts.

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