8 Neuro Web Design tips to optimize your ecommerce website for success!

Nowadays, every business that wants to remain competitive in any industry must have a good online presence.

This means having an optimized website and a good presence in the different social media channels that are important to your business. However, just having a website or setting up social media channels is not going to magically bring new customers or prospects to your business.


Where and How should I optimize my business website?

The first step you have to take is building a website that is a mobile-optimized website with a good design that gathers the attention of your potential customers. Then, the second and most important step after designing a great website is to advertise it using different channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Email, etc.) so that people get to know about your business. Finally, once these people arrive to your website, you must have everything set up and ready so that they take the desired action you want them to take.It doesn’t matter if your business already has a website or not. These following 8 tips are gathered from the book “Neuro Web Design”  are going to help your business online tremendously.

Susan clearly states in her book that “Our experiences are highly influenced by unconscious thoughts and actions that are controlled by various parts of our brain. We are often unaware of the reasons for our own behavior.” Therefore, you have to set up your website for persuasion and the unconscious mind.

How can I use Neuro Web Design to improve my website and get more conversions?

Here are 8 ways of how your business can use this powerful Neuro Web Design principles.


Before making any decision the big majority of people look to what others are doing before deciding what they should do. This is especially true when they don’t know whether to take action or not. That’s the power social validation has and that’s why reviews and recommendations are so powerful and can help your website tremendously at the decision-making process of your visitors.

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2. RETURNING FAVORS AND USING CONCESSION.Since the creation of the world human beings have had to share food, shelter, and different skills in order to survive. That’s why we feel the need of returning favors when someone gives us or does something valuable for us. You can do this by giving something valuable for free to the people who visit your website like for example Free Ebooks, PDFs, coupons, promotions, gift cards, webinars, etc.

Another powerful tactic you can use in your website to help customers in their decision-making process is to use concession because concession builds commitment. You can apply this tactic by showing a high price for a product and then lowering it as if is in a promotion.

Basically, ask for more than what you really want and then offer a concession to place a request (which is the value you wanted in the first place) and by doing this more reasonable request, people are more likely to say yes.


In situations when there is limited availability of something we assume it is more valuable and in the end we want it even more. This applies to products, services, information, etc. A good example of this is showing limited quantity in stock in a certain item or setting up promotion for a limited time frame because that makes people take action before the stock or the promotion is over.


We think that before deciding what to buy we want to have as many choices as possible, but in reality that makes us freeze and unable to take action at all.

If you want people to take action and buy your product or service online, you must give 2 or 3 options tops per service or item. This is made so that people don’t lose their attention or freeze at the moment of taking action and can decide without having to think too much.

You can see this model applied in many software or digital businesses.


Also, if customers think and believe they can get something instantly, they will be more willing to take action right away. This is something that helps the decision process tremendously especially online.

For example, selling digital software or an e-book that people can use right away, or in case of a physical product having 2-day shipping will accelerate our decision-making process because nowadays we want everything instantly.


When writing a blog, a review, an article, etc. including the word YOU will talk directly to the unconscious mind of your customers helping them believe that your product or service is what they really need.


You don’t have to underestimate the power of attractive people and people who think similarly to us.

Associating an object with a celebrity or an attractive person will make the object more attractive too, even if we don’t want to believe it, unconsciously we think we will look like them if we use that product, plus we believe people we know and admire way more than someone that we don’t know. That’s why influencers are so powerful.


When we feel we might lose something that we really want, we are willing to do things that would normally don’t. We are programmed to notice and pay attention to situations that might result in our fear of losing.

For example, fear of losing a promotion, a trip, a discount, a product that has limited stock, etc. Usually, when we see that a certain promotion or discount has limited time or there are just a few items left of something we really want, we rush to take action in order to don’t lose that opportunity.


Websites that have stories will grab our attention way more than plain websites. However, selecting good pictures for an article or a specific section of your website will attract people and will make them want to read and know more about something.

It is a fact that we pay attention and remember pictures better than words. Combining pictures and stories together is an unbeatable combination to grab and hold people’s attention and more importantly, help us remember. Plus, if you do this in a video that powerful combination (images + stories) can increase exponentially.


Having a digital transformation means implementing a digital marketing plan for your business which includes: having an optimized website, presence in different social media platforms and a budget for publicity.

All these factors are crucial to implement for any business that wants to remain competitive in the upcoming years, because the ones who don’t, are going to struggle and loose against the ones that are evolving into this new digital era.

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