Advantages of Paid and Organic Traffic!

There are 2 ways of driving traffic to your website or landing page. One is paid traffic and the other is organic traffic.

In today’s post, I want to talk about some of the advantages of both Paid and Organic traffic has. And why at some point you want to implement both of these traffic methods to your online business.

Advantages of Paid and Organic traffic:


✅You can scale FAST.

✅You can target very specifically and any region you want

✅You can leverage Day Partying (this means you can choose when your ads are generating traffic for you, for example, if you’re tied to a specific schedule and hours, then you can run your paid ads at those specific hours)

✅You can be more aggressive with landing pages

WARNING⚠️(If you have knowledge and budget you can start with paid, if not you should go with free/organic traffic.)

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✅You can generate more traffic over time (if you stop your paid ads, then that’s it; with organic traffic, however, it will keep coming regardless of what you do if you set it up correctly)

✅It’s free. Organic traffic doesn’t cost anything (if you don’t have any budget for paid ads, then this is a great way to get your business going)

✅You can build this traffic source on the side and help your brand grow.

✅Positive feedback-

Over time use both of these traffic sources, don’t solely rely on one or another!

Till the next one and don’t forget to keep moving, keep grinding, and keep making things happen!

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