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Email marketing…

Learning how to do it right is the difference between having a successful online business and one that struggles.

The concept might seem simple. 

Collect emails by giving free valuable stuff such as eBooks or a webinar. However, what’s important, comes after. And many entrepreneurs forget the key secret of good email marketing.

Entrepreneurs forget to build a long-term relationship with their leads. 

In order for them to sell, they drop spammy emails (those only focus on promoting) on their audience’s inboxes. A road that only leads to unsubscribes.

How to do email marketing the right way?

You ought to build a foundation first and foremost, for you to enjoy the benefits an email list provides to your business. 

Focus on this important aspect. Share your story, life, and business experiences; share tips, hacks, and useful information. Overall share what you’ve learned and what matters to your audience. Show them how by following you, they can achieve whatever goal they’ve established for themselves. 

Every email should transition to something useful for your leads. 

And once you have that part cover, you can slide the offer in. Remember this formula: Value + Value + Sell. Which consists of: two emails providing value and the third one comes with the promo and a call to action.

By keeping it simple and following this formula you will be able to build a solid long term relationship with your email list.

If this resonates with you, I just finished writing a guide with actionable 21 steps to grow your email list” that will help you build an email list from scratch the right way. Click here or in the image below to get it for FREE 


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