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Every good piece of marketing has 3 things in common.

Those 3 things are a HOOK, a STORY, and an OFFER.

This magic formula is what is going to make people stop scrolling on their feeds and actually click and see what you have to offer.

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Everything starts with the hook.

The hook is what is going to help you get the attention of your dream customer. The better your hook is, the more attention you will get.

Then you have to think about the story.

The story is what is going to help you increase the value of the offer you are about to make. If the story is done well, you will build a stronger connection with your prospect and he /she will be more inclined to buy from you.

Lastly, you have to include an offer.

And the offer doesn’t always have to ask your prospects to buy straight away.

And the offer can be any Call to Action. Things like “comment”, “like” “subscribe” and “learn more” are also offers.

The key thing here is to give something of value to your prospect either taking a small action like the ones I mentioned or buying from you in exchange for your offer.

Usually when you are not getting results in your marketing campaigns is because one of these three components is not working. And in order to improve what you need to do is simply create better hooks, stories, or offers.

If you do everything right. Meaning that you have a good hook, story, and offer and that person still doesn’t buy chances are, that your offer might be not good enough for them at the moment.

In cases like this, you can always add valuable bonuses to help that person make a decision.

Understanding this concept can be a game-changer for your business and really help you improve your online results.


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