January 24

Short, medium and long term goals 2022!


I’m tired of saying that I’m going to change and improve as a person and in the end stay somewhere in the middle. I want to make a real change and for that I need to be clear about my discipline goals and an action plan.

Take responsibility for my life. Take action, be proactive, fight my fears every day, do things that I don’t like.

People who stop learning, improving and trying new things, stop growing.

One of the things I have very clear in my mind is that in order to become the best version of myself I need to be constantly getting out of my comfort zone and improve 1% daily in the key areas of my life.

This year I have several challenges and projects, not just personally but also professionally that I want to develop and grow.

Setting up clear goals and objectives is key to attain them.  That’s why I’m writing this blog post today.

I want to have this as a reminder of my short, medium and long term goals, and also have clear the actions I’m taking in order to achieve what I want.

Short-term changes January 24, 2022. 3 months.

  • Flat abdominal without fat and squares. (Intermittent fasting + exercise 45 minutes a day) Need to look at a diet or food I can eat to follow.
  • Work and learn to coach tennis in Germany in Darmstadt or Frankfurt
  • A1 level of German and have more fluid conversations with people
  • Pass all my first semester exams.
  • Having a new client for my funnel business focused on healthcare.(Big step)
  • Touch my toes. Flexibility.
  • Practice writing copy 45 minutes a day.
  • Grow on twitter until you reach 100 subscribers posting daily. (Good way to practice copy, test things on the go and share some ideas I have in my mind or that I’ve seen).
  • Model people that I admire, try to copy them but adapt what they do to my own process.
  • Go to more events and meet interesting people who contribute to my life and to whom I can contribute too.

Medium term (1 year)

  • Being in the best physical condition of my life. Diet + workout. Commitment to become the best version of myself.
  • Being able to communicate and transmit messages/emotions and stories in text and video/public speaking in order to reach more people and help more people.
  • Position my brand as a startup that gives value to the market and specifically to the health/ wellness funnel sector while I get more clients.
  • Have an income of $3000 per month. With my clients and sales HT
  • Have multiple sources of income: tennis job, freelancer, investments in crypto.
  • Invest in crypto.
  • Grow my YouTube channel with a new approach to health/wellness funnels marketing. Reach 1000 subscribers.
  • Being one of the best copywriters in my healthcare marketing niche. Learn about the niche, look for clients, be proactive.
  • Travel to Rome, Madrid and Roland Garros.
  • Start big projects.
  • Meet incredible people, a lot of networking.
  • Buy a Volkswagen golf car.
  • Having 1000 people in my email list receiving my valuable content.
  • Have excellent German!

Long term (5-10 years):

  • Being the undisputed leader in my funnels niche for healthcare and wellness businesses online.
  • Have a consolidated company with 10 employees in Europe/Latam and generate $100 thousand per month.
  • Have a family.
  • Help my family in Ecuador to continue progressing.
  • Maintain a healthy life physically, mentally.
  • Buy a house in Ecuador, Germany or Spain.
  • To be a positive leader and help the people of my sector and my country with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Being a great speaker able to connect and transmit my messages with people.
  • A machine closing deals implementing the VV+S and techniques of someone introverted.
  • Make sales as an introvert and teach that to other people.
  • Declare your fears!!!
  • Have an email list of 100 thousand people


  • I love learning / netkaizen
  • Disciplined
  • I practice looking for solutions
  • athlete / tennis player
  • Very good at listening and asking questions.


  • I’m not a great speaker
  • I’m having a hard time closing sales
  • I have a hard time following a diet
  • Indecisive
  • I am not flexible.
  • I need to create a better environment so that I can stand out and be successful. (Search it!)

Keep moving, keep grinding and keep making things happen!


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