January 5

My simple plan to crush it Online in 2021!


2021 is here with it a lot of new hopes for many people around the world!

As usual, at the end of every year, we tend to plan and set up all our goals so that we have a clear direction of where to go.

But what happens many times is that as entrepreneurs we start every new year…

  • Following too many “gurus”
  • Trying different business models
  • Trying to implement all sorts of different strategies
  • Trying to chase the next shining object
  • Expecting overnight results

Start 2021 strong by working with my mentor and start your own successful online business!

By having some many things on our plate we tend to lose focus, we start getting all over the place and we never build the momentum I truly need.

I say “we” because this is something that has happened to me every new year as well.

In order to change that in 2021 I want to make things as simple as possible.

This year instead of overcomplicating things, I will follow a simple, yet very powerful strategy my mentor tough me, that I’m sure is going to help me achieve all my goals this year and that I’m very confident can also help you make 2021 your best year so far!

That’s why I want to apply this same strategy for the whole of 2021.

This simple strategy consists of 3 words.

1.The first word is SIMPLICITY

Next year I will make my online business will be very simple:

  • ✅ Record and post 1 video a day to my YouTube Channel and Facebook.
    ✅ 2 valuable posts a week to share on Facebook.
    ✅ Send 3 emails a week
    ✅ 1 killer ad campaign running.
    ✅ Make offers for my affiliate marketing business and also for my own services.
    ✅ Build solid relationships with people by applying the value model at the moment of outreaching via email and social media.
    ✅ Workout for an hour a day
    ✅ Follow a diet

Those are going to be all my daily tasks. I know that if I follow them, as I successfully followed and completed the 90-day video challenge I started 3 months ago, I’m going to get the results I’m looking for in 2021!

And I’m going to apply this same formula of keeping things very simple to my daily workouts and my diet as well.

Everything I will do in 2021 will be extremely simple.

By keeping things simple I’m going to be able to follow through with my goals, do a better job at all the important things that I need to do to ultimately crush it.

I prefer to be laser-focused and do a few things really well than doing a lot of things bad.

2.The second word is EXECUTION

Once I have my list of simple daily tasks. I will execute them with no mercy like a machine!

I will make sure to complete all the important tasks every single day before I go to bed.

The problem with having too many things to do is that we get overwhelmed and in the end, we end up not doing what we have to do to move things forward.

You don’t want that to happen to you. That’s not good for you and your goals.

3.The third word is REPETITION

Since I already have my simple daily action plan, and I’m committed to start executing it. The third piece of the puzzle is to repeat the same process as a machine for 12 months.

From January to December.

Trust me, I’m telling you this based on my own experience. The only way to acquire a habit, overcome your fears, and master any skill is through repetition.
Some days I will feel like not doing anything, other days I will feel extremely well.
It doesn’t matter how I feel emotionally, I will take action and execute my daily tasks because I know how important this is in the long term to achieve all my goals.

If people around you start seeing you as a machine rather than a human, it means that you are heading in the right direction.

REPETITION is really key to success in any area of your life, no matter what you want to do or improve.

You have to be the whole year in “Machine Mode”.

In summary, the 3 words I will live by in 2021 are SIMPLICITY, EXECUTION & REPETITION.

Following these 3 words might seem simple, but it is not easy.

There are no shortcuts to success.

Lots of people expect to get overnight results, they think they can magically transform their lives in 2 or 3 months and when they start seeing that is not as easy as they thought, they quit.

If you have that type of mentality you will not get very far…

You have to be willing to put in the work for a long period of time.

And by a long period of time, I mean at least between 6-12 months.

You can see some results and progress in a couple of weeks or months, but to see truly life-changing results, you need to be disciplined and commit to making things work UNTIL you succeed.

It is all about being disciplined and consistent.

The difficult part is to get things done.

That’s why my mentor Sebastian has created his exclusive mentoring program  Sebastian Gomez Mentoring Which is designed to take your business & your life to the next level!

This program is made with the idea of keeping you accountable, gives you an over-simplified result-producing plan, and more importantly help you grow your online business!

More money, better fitness, better health, better mindset.

You can schedule a free business strategy call here.

Remember, expecting overnight results and over-complicating things and just makes everything harder and confusing.

Keep your 2021 action plan as simple as possible and start executing like a machine!


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