November 22

Starting an online business in a developing country?


Are you looking to start and build an online business in a developing country?

Building an online business has a lot of challenges and sometimes your country plays an important role.

I’ve lived in Ecuador for most of my life (I also lived in the U.S. for 5 years) and even though we are a small country with 16 million people in South America, I managed to grow my Internet business in the last 2 years successfully.

There is very little difference between starting an online business in the US, Europe, or any other developing country.

Start your own successful online business from anywhere in the world by partnering with my mentor!

The marketing principles don’t change

No matter what type of online business you want to venture into, what matters the most is mastering the marketing principles and fundamentals that can help you crush it with your online business in any country in the world.

For instance, in the US is easier to get access to payment processors like Stripe or a credit card.

But in terms of marketing principles, concepts, and strategies of how to get a random person in the world to buy a product from you through organic strategies or Ads that you place on Facebook or Instagram or using organic strategies they remain the same anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Indonesia, or Japan. If you understand the psychology behind a purchase which is merely an exchange of value between you and the other person you should be making $$$ online.

You got to stop thinking that you have a disadvantage just because you are in a developing country because that’s only hurting you and also giving yourself excuses.

Instead, you should think about it as an advantage and as a way of differentiating yourself from your competition.

And you can do that by creating content consistently, providing tons of value to your audience, and using the beautiful things your country has, that are unique and that people cannot find anywhere else.

Take me or my mentor Sebastian for example. I live in Ecuador and he lives in Costa Rica. It is not like we live in Europe or the US.

This is a picture of me in Ancon, a beautiful beach in my home country Ecuador.

Above all what really matters the most is mastering the right skills wherever you are, having a clear plan that is simple to follow, and taking massive imperfect action every single day.

That is what is going to make a big difference in the end.

Learn how partnering with successful entrepreneurs and mastering the most important marketing principles can help you crush it online in any country in the world.

Stay strong and keep making things happen!


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