Tai Lopez Cashflow System 2.0 Review: Is this Program Right for You? (Honest Review 2020)

Today I’m want to take a closer look at Tai Lopez Cashfloww System. I’m going to dive in and tell you what this program is about, what are you going to find inside the program, give you the pros and cons of it and finally if this program is worth it or not for you.

Tai Lopez Cashflow System 2.0 Review

Before we get into the review, Tai stresses something that I believe is extremely important to understand in order to achieve financial freedom and that is; the importance of following the 3 Commandments of Wealth if you want to improve your current financial situation and I couldn’t agree more with him.

The 3 Commandments of wealth are:

  1. Thou Shall Have More Than One Stream of Income
  2. Thou Shall Invest Thy Money Wisely in New Trends
  3. Thou Shall Make Thy Money Work for Thee by having the right connections

He also emphasizes in the current educational system and how it has failed us, because it is a fact that schools never taught us to follow any of these 3 commandments of wealth. And when you start thinking about it Tai is completely right, schools and colleges never taught us about money and how to create wealth. We usually go to school just to learn one profession so that we can get a “secure job in the field we study”, work for someone else and start paying our bills. That reality does not support at all these three commandments of wealth.


In essence, with this program, you will be partnering up with Tai Lopez.

The Cashfloww System is the Affiliate marketing program Tai Lopez has created so that you can partner with him and start promoting and selling his products for a commission. Inside the program, he’s going to provide you with a cut and paste system that he says will help you generate between $2500 – $25,000 a month.


Inside the Cashfloww System, you are going to find a welcome video from Tai, where he is going to explain you more in-depth what this program is about and also give you a step by step plan on what to do in order to succeed in it.

Below that there will be a “News & Announcements” section, where Tai’s team will be notifying all the members of the program when there is an update, a new class or any news regarding the program.

Underneath the News & Announcements section, you are going to find all the products you can promote inside the Program.

It is important for you to know and understand that, in this world, there are three types of products:

Digital products, Physical Products, and Services.

Inside the Cashfloww System, you are going to be able to promote and sell all these products depending on what you like and what your background is. Inside each category, Tai has several products you can promote which vary in price, as well as, in commission level with a detailed explanation on each of them.

Then you are going to find a type of search bar that will ask you to input the custom URL you will like to use to promote your links.

And at the end of the homepage, you are going to find the “Commission Reporting Table” where you are going to see all the important statistics regarding your Cashfloww account such us: The number of clicks to your links, the number of free emails you have collected, number of sales made, and the earnings you have made.


Many of you might be wondering about how do you get paid inside the Cashfloww System. Well, there are two ways of getting paid in this program.

  1. In you live inside the US, you just have to put all the information they will request you in the Payout Info Section, fill out a US government Official W-9 form as if you were a regular contractor for any other business and if you made any sales Tai’s team will mail you a physical check each Thursday with all your earnings.
  2. If you live outside the US, Tai’s team will use a payment transfer company (either Payoneer or Transferwise) to send you your payments. Since you must have an account with one of these 2 companies to get paid, the first thing you will have to do is to go and create an account with them, fill all your information and sync your bank account. Then once you’ve done all that, you will have to fill out your info inside the Payout Info section of the Cashfloww system and upload a US government Official W-8BEN form in order to get paid. In the same way as the other payment method, Tai’s team will send you your payments via wire transfer every Thursday if you got a sale.



This are the 5 reasons why I believe this is a great opportunity for anybody who doesn’t know how to make money online but wants to learn and start making money by partnering with someone who already has several successful products & businesses online.

  1. Tai has everything is set up for you: You don’t have to build a website, create sales funnels, hire a sales & customer service team. Your job is to be the bridge between Tais products and potential customers. Your main focus will be on generating traffic to your affiliate links (Which is the hardest part of this business, because without traffic there is no business). But don’t worry about this because inside the program Tai will teach you step by step how can you do it successfully.
  2. High-quality training: Inside the program, you are going to find in-depth affiliate and social media marketing training. There will be lessons and masterminds from Tai himself and other entrepreneurs who have been successful in promoting Tai’s products online who will guide you throughout this entire process.
  3. Actionable steps you can take right away: There are several FREE templates that you will literally just have to copy and paste inside the program which will help you start promoting and earning your first commissions.
  4. Great variety of products you can promote: As I mentioned before Tai has multiple businesses and inside his businesses, he has Digital & Physical products you can promote, as well as, some of his services. This is great because you don’t have to stick to just one product since it gives you the chance to pick and choose which of these products are the right fit for you. There are low and high tier products so it is up to you what you want to promote.
  5. There is a two month 100% money-back Guarantee: So, what happens if you decide to jump into the program, but you find out it is not the right program for you or you don’t make as Tai’s says in his Casfloww page between $2500 & $25000 in the first 2 months? No problem you will get a full refund, plus all the knowledge you will get inside the program.


There are a couple of cons I found inside the program that I think are important to mention.

  1. It might be a little bit expensive: Especially for people who are starting out and do not have much money to invest. (This partnership program costs $997) A price tag very similar to several different programs, but with the big difference that you can make good money with it.
  2. Beta Version: Since the program just launched a few of months ago, its training is in its Beta Version, which means that there are some things that are missing, especially for people who don’t have much idea on how to do affiliate marketing. The good news is that Tai and his team are constantly improving the program and uploading valuable content & training every week or every 2 weeks that will help you succeed in the program.


There are many ways of making money online but in my opinion, this is one of the best!

Starting a business from scratch is something very hard to do. You need capital, knowledge, guidance, connections, a team, etc.

That’s why I think that partnering with someone who already owns multiple successful businesses, mainly online, is the best way for you to start making money online as well. But of course, it is up to you to succeed!

After taking a closer look and being enrolled in the Cashfloww program for over a month, (at the moment this review was written) I’m happy to say it’s legit and it is a great way to generate a new source of income for yourself.

I’ve actually being enrolled in two other programs from Tai Lopez (SMMA & Ecommerce Blueprint) that have allowed to change my life and career and where I’ve learned a lot. I believe that this might be the best thing Tai has released so far because it gives you the opportunity of partnering with him and start making real money by promoting his world-class products using the tools and resources he has already built.

I highly recommend you to click the link below and watch Tai’s FREE Cashfloww training and if this partnership makes sense to you and fits your budget, my advice would be to go for it.

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