Top 5 Most Persuasive Words you can Use to Promote Online!

Words are extremely powerful! Simply adding or removing a word can change the meaning of a sentence completely they can also be the reason why, your reader decided or not to take an specific action.

When you are scrolling down in your phone browsing in any social media platform; watching videos, looking at pictures or reading articles – there is no doubt that there are some headlines that grab your attention more than others.

Top 5 Most Persuasive Words you can Use to Promote Online!

The way you use punctiation or arrange words in a sentence, can affect the meaning you are trying to give and also how the people that are reading your promotion, react towards it.

There are plenty of words that have the power to make you take action. Of all those words, Gregory Ciotti one of the best copywriters in the last decade, made a list with the 5 words that he beliefs are the most persuasive you can use when writing copy.

The top 5 most persuasive words you can use when writing copy are:

1.       YOU: Including the word you in your headline or article helps you generate a deeper connection with the person who is reading I because it is more personal., and them relate in a more meaningful way with your article.

2.       BECAUSE: Words like “because” are incredibly persuasive because they create a causal relationship. This word makes you want to know more about something, because when you use it people believe you have the answer for a statement you have made.

3.       FREE: The word “free” is risk averse. Who doesn’t love free stuff? When you see that something is free, you are willing to give something of yours in exchange for it, like for example your email or phone, especially when it’s something of value.


4.       INSTANTLY: Nowadays, all of us want things instantaneously. We don’t like to wait for anything and the big majority does not like the process and hard work of achieving or getting something. That’s why this word is so powerful. But you have to use carefully and really be able to deliver what you promised when using it.

5.       NEW: Who doesn’t like trends? All of us want the latest gadgets, technologies, courses, methodologies, designs, etc. That’s why when we use this word it catches our eye immediately.

What is your main goal when using powerful words in your content?

When writing an article or headline for your blog, post or promo in social media, your main goal is to generate engagement and make people take a specific action.

There are several words you can use that can generate engagement, some work better than others depending on the situation, context and platform.

For example, words that generate tons of engagement on Facebook (Post, Comment, Submit, When, Where, Discount, Only, Now & Share) do not generate the same engagement on Twitter (Retweet, check out, Blog, Post, how to, Top, You, Help & Great) or vice versa and this applies for all social media platforms.

There is no doubt that if you use any of this 5 extremely powerful words I just mentioned above, your posts will increase their engagement, will reach more people and will help you achieve the objectives you have planned for every single post or promotion you do.

So, I advise you to use them whenever possible!

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